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Established in 2019, Competitive Cleaning Group is a residential cleaning company which has been providing satisfactory cleaning services to families and businesses in Perth at low prices.

We offer low prices of services, and at the same time, offer great services which makes us popular in Perth. We offer a customised end of lease cleaning service that will leave your home, apartment or office spotless and prepared for the landlord’s last inspection. We will leave the property in such immaculate condition that your landlord will be disappointed that you are moving out. To ensure that our customers receive prompt and thorough service, we utilise cutting-edge cleaning technology. Additionally, the cleaning products we use are made with environmentally friendly chemicals.

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We offer one of the longest 100% bond back guarantees in the business. If your real estate agent or landlord is unhappy with the cleaning, we will return for free within 7 days to fix the problem.

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All our cleaners are highly experienced pros with a proven track record and carry comprehensive public liability coverage.

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    Why Competitive Cleaning?

    Hiring Competitive Cleaning is your best chance at getting your bond back from your REA or landlord. If you think you can clean everything on your own, remember that last-minute problems always arise, and that there are always areas you may have overlooked or simply not enough time to clean thoroughly. Let Competitive Cleaning's professional Perth vacate cleaning take care of the place you're leaving (and that stain that just won't come out of the carpet) so you can put all your energy into planning for your new place.

    What is End of Lease Cleaning?

    End-of-lease cleaning involves cleaning of a rental property at the end of lease agreement or before moving out. It's mandatory for tenants and landlords to prepare the property ready for new tenants. End-of-lease cleaning helps tenants get their bond back and return the property to its original condition.

    Do I need to be at home at any time?

    Whatever serves you best. We can work with a key or lockbox to allow the cleaners access, or you can be present while we clean. Our cleaners will inform you with the exact time of their arrival and half an hour before they finish their job.

    Can you guarantee same day cleaning?

    While we make every effort to be up-front about the status of your request and as client oriented as possible, we can't promise that someone will be able to attain you the same day. People are humans with a variety of different schedules. However, depending on the area, about 60-70% of all appointments are served, so the chances are very good.

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